From high-net worth individuals to multi-campus corporations, Corporate Art Group (CAG) is able to call upon its own knowledgeable in-house staff. This not only allows us to work on the most time-sensitive of projects, it also means we control the safety and security of the items you entrust to our care.

CAG will work with either an appointed individual or a design committee to provide design and layout service. We can remove and install your artwork after your work hours or on weekends meaning minimal disruption in your workplace.

We have long-established relationships with proprietary artists in all media. Along with traditional 2-dimensional art, we can provide larger boardroom pieces in glass and ceramic or sculptures for public spaces in media from stone to paper and ranging from a glass-cased item to a 3-dimensional object hundreds of feet long.

If your company is multi-sited, we can oversee the transportation and cycling of pieces throughout your locations to maintain freshness and balance. We also are able to re-frame and update older pieces to conserve the art and ensure their compatibility with any changes in design themes.

Artists We Represent

Here is just a small sampling of some of the artists we work with and whose work we promote.